Who we are?

«Oasis» is a small but strong community of crypto-enthusiasts, programmers and digital design experts.

We have our own Oasis Token around which we build projects.

What we do?

  • We believe that the rapid uptake in new technologies will allow us to be at the cutting edge with Metaverse by quickly boosting projects for investors and creators through our matchmaking ecosystem.

Our projects

Oasis Token

Live on Raydium Swap

We created Oasis token which will provide its holders with access to a wide range of the projects developed by the Community.

The token was created on the Solana network.

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Voodoo Cave

Website is coming soon

Voodoo Cave — is an innovative CDN (Combinatory-deflationary NFT) project.

Our project is tightly linked to the Oasis token and uses it as in-game currency.


Get your Omid now!

Solomids will be used in the game “Voodoo Cave” as unique pets.

The Omids will make your journey through the obstacles that the game entails much easier and save you from unnecessary costs!

Launchpad - Oasis ecosystem core

Universal platform for launching projects based on Oasis.
Anyone with an interesting idea can join and get:


Expert help

Marketing supports




The OG Senate will initially consist of 16 trusted members of Oasis. They will review the overall pool of proposed projects. Only projects voted for by the majority of OGs can pass on. The OGs get a % of the project's fees for their efforts (in case of successful fundraising).


One of the Tribunes may use the veto and send the project back for a second vote. The Tribunes also receive a % of the fees. Unlike the Senate, there are only 2 and they are elected for 6 months. One of the Oasis developers can also be nominated for one of the seats, the second seat will always be for an independent OG candidate.


If the project was approved by the OG and was not blocked by the Tribunals, it goes to the next final stage. It will be presented to investors.


Investors receive a % of the project's income for their investment. The author of the project himself assigns the %, which will be available for sale to potential investors.